Hurricanes. Fires. Floods. Earthquakes. Landslides. Tornadoes.

The earth is being ravaged by natural disasters unlike anything in recent memory.

Politicians and celebrities loudly argue about who is to blame, but the causes of these catastrophes aren’t really important in the short run.

What is important is that people are needlessly losing their lives. Why?

Because they aren’t prepared to survive an emergency!

That’s where you and I come in.

You offer products that will help people prepare for survival.

And I will write copy for you that will persuade the public of the urgent need to be prepared.

My expertise is long direct response copy, but I can easily and capably supplement it with other forms of copy, such as emails, websites, white papers, case studies, newsletters, and more.

As well as being an expertly trained and experienced copywriter, I have a doctoral degree in psychology and am a licensed mental health/substance abuse therapist. I am well acquainted with the psychological effects of trauma on the human mind.

As a writer and a therapist, I know exactly what to say and how to say it to convince people to take actions that could save their lives.

Please browse my website. Learn more about me and about how I can assist you. Contact me, and I will be happy to send you an information packet about my copywriting services.

Together, let’s help the public prepare to survive.




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